Meet Your Hosts

Catherine Lyn Scott or ‘Cat’ is your host.  This bubbly brit is an Entertainment Publicist specializing in British clientele both in London and Los Angeles.  She has a background in acting having worked with wonderful directors like Stephen Daldry in the UK, so entertainment is in her blood.

Her company London Flair PR brings London and LA together, as does Brit Celeb Radio – so the show was a natural progression.  Catherine also represents top British celebrities which makes it easy to access wonderful guests.

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Emily Tonkin is a young bubbly Brit who travels back between London and Los Angeles. With a thirst for fashion and a knowledge of up to date celeb news, she is the perfect Entertainment Reporter to bring you current British Celebrity gossip live on ‘Brit Celeb Radio‘.

Emily is also not afraid of giving her opinion, so you know when she dislikes or loves something she is sure to let you know.  This honesty can make for some fun banter between the hosts.

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Leo Vargas is our ‘American Boy’, is as an all round entertainer and a larger than life personality he is always a fun addition to the team.  Leo is a great addition to the team and adds to the American point of view.  Leo is our roving reporter and shares the antics of his travels.

You may also know him from ‘House’, ‘General Hospital’, as well as for his beautiful voice and theatrical productions.

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