Do you want to reach your brand to 1000’s of people Worldwide at a low cost, well you can on the Brit Celeb Radio Show.  This is an exciting show on LA Talk Radio, with a huge international listener base.  With the British theme of ‘Brit Celebrities’ the show is always a fun ride.

About Brit Celeb Radio
* Has 1000’s of listeners
* Listeners range from 26-45
* Is available on iTunes
* Is hosted by British publicist Catherine Lyn Scott
* Is written about every week on www.anglotopia.com
* Listen to past shows at: http://www.latalkradio.com/Catherine.php
* Listeners are mainly based in LA, with a secondary base in London

Radio Synopsis
Brit Celeb Radio is a fun filled British celebrity based show,  Each week a special celebrity guest joins bubbly British host Catherine Lyn Scott in the studio.  Get your British celebrity fix with weekly reports from our Brit Entertainment Reporter Emily, who will share what those naughty British celebrities are up to. If you love London, British Accents, Brits or anything British – this show is a must.

Why Internet Radio Advertising?
In February 2010, Arbitron and Edison Research conducted a national survey on internet radio and these were the findings:

“Internet is now as important as TV in people’s lives”
“An Estimated 70 million American’s listened to online radio in the last month”
“The weekly online radio audience is stable at 43 Million Year to Year”
“Nearly two thirds of listeners are age 25-54”
“Online radio attracts an upscale well educated and employed audience”
(Survey available on request)

With this amazing reach and the low cost of advertising on internet radio, why not reach your new customers on the Brit Celeb Radio Show on LA Talk Radio.

If you do not have a radio advert, we can record one for an extra fee.

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